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I am now a certified Level 2 Nutrition Coach with Precision Nutrition.  Try a coaching session with me.

During the month of July I gave away 3 free spots for a one month trial coaching with me.

Affordable, Effective, Efficient.

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It is an online coaching system and has worked for many clients, including myself with PN 🙂

You get to make good nutrition habits a part of your life! I can’t think of a more effective program that gets results.  I have tried it and it works.


I would like to spread the magic so try it out yourself!

Isn’t this the year to finally achieve your goals? Aren’t you tired of trying everything else and having it only work for a short time? Let’s end the misery together.  I would love to show you how to get there.

My latest lunch date

Went to Art-is-In Bakery.  I loved the service.  Warehouse atmosphere in a warehouse area where there is also Studio-X fitness studio (more on my workout at that studio in another post)

Think LARGE sandwiches dripping in grease.  Tastes great of course but maybe once in a great while? I brought home one of their chocolate croissants and I will give a verdict on that later 🙂

Cappuccino was deadly! Very strong.  Not for the weak at heart or those thinking Starbucks cappuccinos are the gold standard 🙂

Holiday Eating

hershys chip cookies235 R

Why do people get so anxious about holiday eating.  Holidays are a time for eating special treats.  It ends there.  What is the problem that starts up at this time that hasn’t been there before?  Temptation?  In that case, it’s not the eating that’s the problem but the craving.  So you have to ask yourself, “am I hungry” and if not, why are you eating the treat?  If someone hugged you instead, would you feel like you no longer want the treat?  These are important questions.  The “why” of an action is far more important than the action.  You can just stop at understanding this why.

But atleast now you have an idea of what is causing this eating rampage.  So what, there’s a cookie?  Imagine you ate one with great focus on the enjoyment of the cookie.  Normally, when people are more mindful of their eating, they can stop with a sample because they have enjoyed it much more than if they mindlessly down them.  Now, there is the issue.  What’s with the mindlessness? Is the world so painful that you have to numb it with mindlessness?

Perhaps you need a better way to vent?  Try some community classes. They will give you a sense of community while doing something good for yourself.  Be careful and be intelligent.  Community classes are not personal training sessions. You are in with a bunch of people.  If you think you might get injured, talk to the instructor first and see if there is something that suits you.  Or maybe you are good to go with a watchful eye from the instructor.

Either way this is a win-win.  If you still need to down cookies mindlessly, then you may still have mental issues that need dealing with.  This is not a great stress reduction plan, correct?

The choice is yours, as always.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday Season and Happy New Year 2016!



Monday: 10am Nepean Sportsplex, must be a City of Ottawa member (not in summer)

Monday: 7pm Carleton Heights Community Centre, Masala Bhangra dance/cardio registered class

Monday: 8pm Carleton Heights Community Centre, registered class (drop-ins allowed with a drop-in fee)

Thursday: 6pm Carleton Heights Community Centre, registered class (7pm in the summer)

A Healthier Body is All About Managing Change

Can you change anything? Anything at all? The way you drive to work in the morning? They radio channel that you listen to?

Some things are hard.  Change is hard.  Why?  Because we fear the results of change.  If it stays the same, then I can turn my brain off.  I may not have a healthy body, but I do know how I am going to feel for the rest of the day.  With great certainty.

If I started making changes, then I am diving into the unknown and that’s scary.

Yes. But most things worth doing are always a little scary.  Remember your first job interview?  But you had to do it.  Remember the first day at school.  Ouch!

And so on…..

Ask yourself if you are ready for a new body.  Don’t just hop on a “diet”.  Think about a healthy lifestyle.  Is it time? If so, then make one small change this week and write it down on your calendar as the day you didn’t walk to the candy machine at 3pm, for example.

Change takes internal strength.  Be ready to call on your inner strength to get you to your new lifestyle.  A body is temporary but a lifestyle is a mindset that surpasses what you eat. It’s your attitude towards what you eat.

Shanti Consulting – Nutrition Coaching, Personal Training and Yoga

Shanti Consulting provides body-mind-spirit fitness solutions to individuals, teams and corporations in the Ottawa area. Through education and mobile training we enable our clients to perform to their best potential and achieve work/life balance. Shanti goes beyond the body’s symptoms to reach the underlying physical, mental and emotional causes of your current fitness issues to make permanent improvements in your life.

Shanti Consulting has degrees in yoga and certifications in

personal training (CANFITPRO), nutrition (Precision Nutrition), TRX, Kettlebells (Kettlebell Training Academy), BOSU and yoga therapy