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Why are workplaces still refusing to accept the fact that yoga will help increase employee productivity by decreasing employee absenteeism owing to stress-related ailments?

I will offer a free class to the workplace that can give me an answer to the above question.

"Several Fortune 500 Companies use Yoga and it is often written about in various articles on Wall Street or in Fortune Magazine in regards to that very thing. My husband recently gave me article from Fortune Magazine where General Mills found much success with starting Yoga at their company. If you Google Fortune 500 Companies that offer Yoga you can get information regarding At&t, IBM and many others for some good reading on that. I read where they reported less injury and stress on job, better attendance from less sick days and overall better production and well being. I also recently read an article where the designer "Donna Karan" has been saying the same things and trying to get it started in more work places. It's amazing how hard it can be to get in the door to major companies around me with all of the articles I read on the benefits. Such a simple gesture companies can make to benefit their employees and in return they benefit as well. "

posted by Lalana(yoga instructor) on LinkedIn

Workplace Yoga May Tame Stress and Sleep Troubles

From  Cathy Wong, Guide to Alternative Medicine since 2000

Wednesday September 9, 2009

Practicing yoga and meditation in the workplace could ease stress and promote sounder sleep, according to a new study.

For six weeks, 22 office workers attended daily, one-hour lunchtime meetings during which they talked about work-related stress and performed deep-breathing exercises, gentle yoga poses, and other techniques designed to enhance mindfulness. The study members also spent 20 minutes per day practicing meditation and yoga at their desks.

At the end of the study, the office workers who took part in the mindfulness intervention had significantly lower levels of perceived stress than those who were wait-listed to receive the intervention later on. Members of the intervention group also reported fewer sleep disturbances and less daytime dysfunction than their colleagues.

In past studies, practicing yoga has been found to keep blood pressure in check and lessen low back pain, while meditation has been shown to protect against depression and boost immunity.

Read this article on Tough Teens Doing Yoga! 

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These tips appeared in Chatelaine magazine.  I recommend each of them as sound ways to drop the pounds at work!

* Save 50 calories Instead of tossing back a glass of orange juice with your breakfast, eat an actual orange, says Vancouver registered dietitian Ramona Josephson. Bonus: more fibre.
* Save 75 calories Edmonton resident Keri Guenther, who has lost 90 pounds on Weight Watchers by making small calorie cuts, loves Tim Hortons' English Toffee Cappuccino. When she treats herself, she asks her server to fill half her cup with regular coffee before adding the sugar-laden beverage, reducing the calories by half.
* Save 100 calories Cut the fat, keep the meat: instead of five strips of bacon, opt for two slices of leaner grilled back bacon.
* Save 125 calories Since egg yolks contain fat and are high in cholesterol, whip up a breakfast omelette with one whole egg and two protein-rich egg whites. Bonus: registered dietitian Linda Barton of Petersburg, Ont., says eating eggs keeps you feeling full longer.
* Save 200 calories Swap yogurt with granola for a cereal with at least four grams of fibre and a small amount of your favourite sweet cereal. "Nothing beats Shredded Wheat with Froot Loops sprinkled on top," says Mary Meldrum of Waterloo, Ont., who's lost 65 pounds.


* Save 50 calories Use calorie-reduced mayonnaise instead of full-fat mayo on your sandwich (to add some kick, mix a few drops of your favourite hot sauce with the mayo first).
* Save 75 calories Ottawa resident Maritia Gully hardly ever uses low-fat salad dressing. Instead, she tops her greens with a mix of 1 tablespoon (15 mL) each water and regular dressing. "It tastes a lot better," adds Gully, who's lost about 30 pounds.
* Save 100 calories Melissa Raghunandan loves cream soups but hates their high-calorie price tags. So, the Kitchener, Ont., resident, who has dropped 10 pounds, thickens both homemade and canned soups with evaporated skim milk instead of heavy cream.
* Save 125 calories Ditch the lunchtime bagel in favour of two slices of multi-grain toast and you'll lose calories and gain healthy fibre.
* Save 200 calories If you're at a fast-food joint, you're better off ordering a regular burger - hold the mayo - than the breaded chicken or fish sandwich. If you aren't craving a burger, go for the grilled chicken and you'll still save about 100 calories.


Save 50 calories For those must-eat-fries-now moments, opt for 15 thick-cut fries instead of 25 skinny ones. Massimo Marcone, a professor of food science at the University of Guelph in Ontario, found that thick-cut fries contain about 20 per cent fewer calories each than skinny fries because they've absorbed less oil.
Save 75 calories You don't have to banish all carbs from your dinner plate to cut calories. Swap rice with 1/2 cup (125 mL) couscous cooked in vegetable or chicken broth.
Save 100 calories Lora Samaha of Calgary has lost 35 pounds with her calorie-saving tricks, including substituting Yves Veggie Ground Round for ground beef in lasagna, chili and more. It delivers the same amount of protein with fewer calories.
Save 125 calories Give your veggies flavour by sautéing them in your favourite broth or wine instead of oil.
Save 200 calories Gully gives in to her cravings for alfredo sauce, but instead of making it with calorie-laden heavy cream, she uses creamed cottage cheese. "It satisfies my craving for something creamy and makes the meal richer without adding a lot of calories," she says.



First published in's April 2005 issue
© Rogers Publishing Ltd.


Healthy Cities start with Healthy Workplaces! 

Studies now show that corporate fitness programs increase employee job satisfaction, productivity, group cohesion, and staff retention; all while decreasing employee sick days, absenteeism, WSIB/WCB claims, and health and insurance costs!  What are you waiting for?  Be a hero at work by putting a plan in place to have a free fitness screening during lunch time.  Ask us how!


Building Teamwork starts with the right attitude.  Encourage sessions in which participants are clear about their goals and expectations from themselves and others in a team.  This is the key to great team building.  Crisis in a team starts from attitudes. 

Have Shanti Consulting do TEAM TRAINING exercises at your workplace based on the Body, Mind, Spirit approach to efficiency in the workplace.  Email Shanti Consulting now to organize a demo session for the fall 2008.

*NEW* Read this Workplace Stress Study info! Click Here 

Encourage staff to take a course in Yoga and Meditation for the workplace. 

Writing therapy can be used to improve teamwork and interpersonal business relationships.  Have a course at your site to improve these skills.  Dr. Murty currently teaches Meditation and Writing Therapy across Ottawa.  Read the testimonials section for some great reviews.


Healthy Workplaces start with attitude.  Create a positive attitude in the workplace by eliminating negative sources.  Find out what departments consider negative.  Often it can be something small.  However, removing that one small stressor might make a big difference in one employee's day. One happier employee is one happier company, right? 



Start a yoga class at your workplace today and give your employees a chance to shine.

Mental trauma can be alleviated with yoga/meditation.





How about a personal training session for your staff?  Have a draw - the first 10 people get an assessment of their lifestyle fitness habits and recommendations to improve themselves.  Very affordable.  Ottawa Chamber of Commerce members get 10% discounts.  Call now and let's set up an appointment for free information session on how to set this up for your office.

Set up an FITNESS INFORMATION DAY in your cafeteria during the lunch hour.  Anyone who drops by can get free information on how to be more productive at their desk and reduce absenteeism from neck, shoulder and back pain.  Drive away headaches and migraines with simple fitness tips that work wonders!

 Do you want to decrease absenteeism at the workplace?  Make sure you give a stretch break a try.  Most absenteeism is from headaches and backaches.  Help your workforce out by including a stretch away from the computer.  Decrease lost productivity!  Email me for a list of short wellness seminars on topics such as Workplace Nutrition, Staying Healthy with a Busy Life and Workplace Wellness.  Catered to the needs of your workplace! 

If your staff is interested in weight loss methods that work, set up a short seminar to introduce proven techniques for busy lifestyles!  No more excuses.  Get on with your life now!



Corporate Meditation is the latest trend for getting that business edge on your productivity.  A workforce which can handle stress better is definitely going to be at the finish line sooner!  Give it a try and schedule a demo at your workplace.  Reduce workplace stress with a meditation class.  Improve communication and reduce frustration and anxiety!  Be the first to give your workforce the tools to reduce workplace stress. 

Simple workplace stretches are absolutely necessary to minimise pain from sitting at a computer all day.  Your wrists, neck, shoulders and lower back need to regain strength from excessive use.  Find out how to get up and use your own work area to do simple stretches.  Regain your focus and balance and work smarter.