A Healthier Body is All About Managing Change

Can you change anything? Anything at all? The way you drive to work in the morning? They radio channel that you listen to?

Some things are hard.  Change is hard.  Why?  Because we fear the results of change.  If it stays the same, then I can turn my brain off.  I may not have a healthy body, but I do know how I am going to feel for the rest of the day.  With great certainty.

If I started making changes, then I am diving into the unknown and that’s scary.

Yes. But most things worth doing are always a little scary.  Remember your first job interview?  But you had to do it.  Remember the first day at school.  Ouch!

And so on…..

Ask yourself if you are ready for a new body.  Don’t just hop on a “diet”.  Think about a healthy lifestyle.  Is it time? If so, then make one small change this week and write it down on your calendar as the day you didn’t walk to the candy machine at 3pm, for example.

Change takes internal strength.  Be ready to call on your inner strength to get you to your new lifestyle.  A body is temporary but a lifestyle is a mindset that surpasses what you eat. It’s your attitude towards what you eat.

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