Here is a quick look at how I can help you get to your fitness goals, tailored to you. I help professional women skip the drama and fast forward to a fit body by being their fitness companion on that journey. Shanti Consulting provides body-mind-spirit fitness solutions to professional, executive, career-oriented women through online coaching.  We enable our clients to perform to their best potential and achieve work/life balance. Shanti goes beyond the body’s symptoms to reach the underlying physical, mental and emotional causes of your current fitness issues to make permanent improvements in your life. Shanti Consulting has been servicing clients to get to their goals for over 10 years and has degrees in yoga and certifications inpersonal training (CANFITPRO), nutrition (Precision Nutrition), TRX, Kettlebells (Kettlebell Training Academy), BOSU and yoga therapy (SVASTHA, SVYASA) Online Training Certification through the Online Training Academy! Here’s the man who taught me about online training! Let’s see how I can help you? Click here for more! The choice is yours. Check out our Testimonials: What I got out of my class with Hema was a feeling assurance that the tasks were within my capability and hence the joy of success. Barb Murphy   Dr. Hema Murty coming to our office made a huge difference.  We are in the midst of raising money and building 3 homes for Habitat for Humanity, with a very small staff there is a great deal of pressure during the build season.   Many of us work very long hours during the build, and we have hundreds of e-mails and meetings.  Stress (both physical from so many hours at the keyboard and mental with having to keep so many projects on the go was leading to exhaustion.  The simple exercises, the “reason” to stop and do them has made everyone more relaxed.  We all enjoyed the session and are planning to have Dr. Murty back.   Donna Hicks Executive Director Habitat for Humanity NCR 613-749-9950 ext. 222 Yoga was a four-letter word to me – that was before I met Dr. Hema Murty.  After several disappointing attempts at practicing yoga, I decided it just wasn’t for me.  I couldn’t have been more wrong!   Hema is a true master and is able to assess your strengths and where improvements can be made in a gentle, positive and supportive environment.  Her coaching methods and deep breathing techniques have helped me to be more balanced and calm.  I definitely have increased energy, focus and a feeling I can handle life’s everyday challenges!   Hema’s expertise goes far beyond what I can capture on paper!   Cindy Hick President HPB Association Management Services Inc. Ottawa, ON   Cardio and weight training typically make up my fitness routine.  Yoga was definitely not top of mind or part of my repertoire.  My session with Dr. Hema Murty was an eye-opener!  Not only did I find it a challenging workout, but, incredibly calming, which is a nice change of pace.  I also really appreciate being able to do the program at home – it’s convenient and a timesaver.   Colin Hick Ottawa, ON When you came to visit our office, it was the middle of the morning and I could feel my body beginning to tense up with the today’s priorities and physical limitations of working at a computer.  After doing a few exercises with you, I felt relaxation and a more focused level of concentration. I appreciate the quick tools you taught my coworkers and I.   Thanks.   Kimberlie In other training sessions I’ve had to fit the program, but Hema made the program fit me.  It wasn’t cookie cutter. Suzanne Nourse As someone who is constantly on the go, with a fast paced job, volunteer work each week and the daily grind; taking time to relax and find that calm, centred spot within yourself is not only desirable but a survival skill. Each week, I get to my yoga class with Hema, and the minute I step inside the room, everything else sheds, the negativity, the stress and anything else that drags a person down during the week. Yoga is that calm spot within me, and although it takes work, sweat and effort, every minute that I am bending and flexing is another minute of calm I have achieved. Hema not only guides and instructs, but she patiently helps me get rid of everything unnecessary in that room each week, until the only thing I feel is my muscles stretching, and the only thing I hear is my breath. Yoga has saved me from stress, difficult relationships and tense situations and I am very grateful I have kept going for the past 4 years. Lindsey Snow