Holiday Eating

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Why do people get so anxious about holiday eating.  Holidays are a time for eating special treats.  It ends there.  What is the problem that starts up at this time that hasn’t been there before?  Temptation?  In that case, it’s not the eating that’s the problem but the craving.  So you have to ask yourself, “am I hungry” and if not, why are you eating the treat?  If someone hugged you instead, would you feel like you no longer want the treat?  These are important questions.  The “why” of an action is far more important than the action.  You can just stop at understanding this why.

But atleast now you have an idea of what is causing this eating rampage.  So what, there’s a cookie?  Imagine you ate one with great focus on the enjoyment of the cookie.  Normally, when people are more mindful of their eating, they can stop with a sample because they have enjoyed it much more than if they mindlessly down them.  Now, there is the issue.  What’s with the mindlessness? Is the world so painful that you have to numb it with mindlessness?

Perhaps you need a better way to vent?  Try some community classes. They will give you a sense of community while doing something good for yourself.  Be careful and be intelligent.  Community classes are not personal training sessions. You are in with a bunch of people.  If you think you might get injured, talk to the instructor first and see if there is something that suits you.  Or maybe you are good to go with a watchful eye from the instructor.

Either way this is a win-win.  If you still need to down cookies mindlessly, then you may still have mental issues that need dealing with.  This is not a great stress reduction plan, correct?

The choice is yours, as always.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday Season and Happy New Year 2016!


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