Grow an Online Training Business for more Income! (Online Trainer Academy Review)

Do you hate Insta-fit trainers or fitness marketers who sell snake-oil solutions or treat their clients badly? Stop complaining and start doing something about it. You’re different and you’re better. You will treat your clients well. The only thing stopping you is your lack of ability to promote yourself effectively and with integrity.

This Online Trainer Academy Review will help you get out out stuck on your fitness business journey and will help you stay calm and do it right. It’s the only certification out there for an online fitness business!

Online Trainer Academy study materials

The course covers all the basics of a business and especially a fitness business.  You will get the bird’s eye view information of all the ingredients to a successful fitness business from a successful fitness businessman himself, Jon Goodman.  Having made all the mistakes, we can learn from that and not have to re-invent the wheel.

I was also wondering how to do an online business correction but I did find this course eventually and passed – Woot!

The course has 5 modules covering issues such as accounting programs, online training methodologies, online assessment tools, client communication, client retention and a lot of correct information on the social media side of marketing.

The course was an eye opener for me.  I can now tell if a methodology is useful for me or not.  Of course, you then must spend the time to do all the items in the course to get its benefits.  Setting up a timetable to do this is the best way to accomplish this.  Fitness business growth is about some very fundamental concepts that escape us as we are so much more interested in passing on our fitness knowledge to the world.  We sincerely want to help people.  We get frustrated that we can’t do it so readily.  No one is as interested as we are.  Jon Goodman to the rescue.  His course reveals the true secrets to a successful online fitness business.  We also will learn ways to be more successful in person as well.

This Online Trainer Academy Review is not about selling you yet another program.  Jon Goodman and his team have only one thing on their minds.  The trainer – You! Isn’t that what business should always be about? Yet time and again, fitness trainers get distracted with business coaches giving us advice that just doesn’t fit the fitness world model.  Especially online.  Try the method that is guaranteed to help you.

I hope you like this Online Trainer Academy Review.  If you do, please do send me an email.  My contact info is here.

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Please send me feedback on the course when you are done – guaranteed that you will walk away with info to move you forward!

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