Are you a personal trainer? Then read on and be prepared to be surprised.


I have trained many people in my 20 year long career in fitness.

Online Trainer Academy study materials

But it wasn’t until I took the certification with the Online Trainer Academy that I increased the number of people that I could assist.

In person training is great, but you know there is only 1 of me and I can only get to so many people in a day.  With the online training methodology I can now help 10x the number of people that I previously did from around the world because now there is no physical limitation!

Plus the support that you get will surprise you. No other organization gives as much support to us trainers as Jon.  He sincerely wants us to succeed.  You can feel it.  He has staff that always have your back.  They don’t just go through the motions and sit back and hope you *get it*.  Instead, they motivate you and become your coach along with a little cheering section.

Plus you get these gifts from Jon who is a full year Santa!

free gifts for the Graduates!

Jon and his Online Training Academy Certification are not traditional in any way.  I guarantee you will get something from it in terms of revenue that you didn’t previously have.

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Here are some testimonials from this Certification, if you don’t believe me.

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If you sign up with this Certification, I will send you a present when you graduate! Just passing on the acts of kindness!

Just email me your certificate when you are done and your mailing address.  It’s that simple.

Win/Win – what are *you* waiting for?