Exercises for hip pain!


After assessing pain with a professional such as a chiro/physio/RMT, if there is a muscle imbalance, you may release your hip pain by trying these exercises.



Most hip pain comes from lifting incorrectly or stepping on a surface incorrectly and having a slip.  In most cases, the body tries to compensate without falling and in doing so, suddenly demands a muscle work harder than it though it would have to. Unprepared muscles are pain’s best friends. So….weight training is the answer! It is important that you get a professional to assess, first, whether the pain is muscular or something else more serious is going on! Next, try walking and breathing and see where the pain “is at” so to speak.  When does it flare up? Which hip? When you step forward or on the back leg? In most cases, we can try 3 exercises that might help alleviate this pain. To get this set of exercises and how to do them, please download the file here.