What we do!

Shanti Fitness Consulting uses a revolutionary, client-based coaching system to get clients to their goals.

We have successfully trained hundreds of clients and so we have a lot of experience in understanding how to solve issues that prevent us from getting to our fitness goals.

We were/are clients too, so we know our stuff works.  Give us a try.

Currently we are running a new program challenge of trying us for 60 days to drop 5 pounds.   Challenge sign up starts now and ends August 23, 2019.

It’s a new program, so just accepting a few women between the ages of 40 and 70 to try it for 60 days to drop 5 pounds.  The program starts up October 1, 2019.  But sign up deadline is in a week.  So sign up now to get 60% off regular price on this trial program.  You in? What have you got to lose?

Instead of the regular price of $200/month, you will only pay $79/month for two months and drop 5 pounds in the process.  We’ll show you how.

Ready? Sign up here:

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